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Brenda Clemens - Beaver Creek Ranch and Horse CentreBrenda Clemens and her husband Barry are partners in Beaver Creek Ranch and Horse Centre near Lumsden, Saskatchewan. Together, they raise and train horses, manage their 100-head cow/calf herd and conduct Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) leadership development programs.

Determined to turn her life-long love of horses into a sustainable living, Brenda first studied Livestock Production at Olds College before building her dream into a successful equestrian career. Sharing her own passion for learning and personal growth, Brenda has taken countless youth and adult clients to a new level of skill, personal awareness and productivity over her 30-year training and coaching career. She has competed successfully at national and world competitions and coached many riders to those same elite levels.

Brenda’s credentials include National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) Level I English and Level II Western accreditation, Equine Assisted Growth and Learning (Eagala), Level II Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) Specialist and Level I Parelli. She has also devoted many hours to leadership training, including the Leadership Development Program at SIAST.

Brenda committed to the power and potential of Equine Assisted Learning in 2007, when she became a Certified Facilitator. Hundreds of hours spent mastering her own horsemanship skills have given her an in-depth knowledge of the interaction between horses and humans that she is now employing in her highly successful training programs.

Beaver Creek Ranch has always been a family operation where Brenda and Barry instilled the love of horses and the country lifestyle in their children Jody, Taylor and Shelby.

Brenda Clemens

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