Team Tracker

Know the territory or you'll be sorry.
Follow the quarry to tell the story.

Push past the obvious with Team Tracker, an innovative and exciting outdoor treasure hunt. It’s a race against time, in a fresh air adventure like none other. Team Tracker can be adapted to groups of all ages and interests, to a maximum of 30 people. Use Team Tracker for social outings or as a productive and results-oriented team-building exercise.

Team Tracker at Beaver Creek Ranch and Horse Centre 




How the Game is played:

  • Your group is divided into teams of five members, identified by coloured arm bands
  • Each team gets a route map with directions to several hidden treasures
  • Start times are staggered, with a five-minute head start on the Tracker
  • You have 90 minutes to finish the course
  • The Tracker pursues on horseback and tries to catch you before you reach the treasure
  • If you’re caught by the Tracker you forfeit your armband, but can continue the journey, helping your team mates pursue the treasure

The team who finishes the course with the most treasures and armbands wins the game.
The Tracker will not be a member of your group, but an experienced horseman trained to play the game.
You will be on foot throughout the course, no riding required. Footwear and attire appropriate to outdoor hiking in the hills is a must.
One cell per team is allowed.  
Book Team Tracker just for fun, use it as a great team-building opportunity or take it to the competitive level. We have several packages to choose from:

  • Just for Fun is a Team Tracker experience that provides a unique fresh air adventure that challenges you to think outside the box - and have a lot of fun doing it! Great for all ages, this exciting treasure hunt is perfect for family fun or party groups of all kinds.

  •  Team Tracker Team Building provides a professional development experience like none other. Relationships are the foundation of any high-performance team, and this Team Tracker program is designed to build on those relationships. Experiential learning is the best way to secure long-term retention of any good training experience. And Team Tracker is all about the experience!
    Team Tracker Team Building can be booked with a facilitator to assist your team in a debriefing session following the exercise.
    A facilitator helps to provide an insight into team relationships under ‘game’ pressure.

  • The Real McCoy
    Tracker versus prey, in a race against time. This version of Team Tracker is perfect for the outdoor fitness adventurer, pitting speed, wit and agility against the clock – and the Tracker.
    Adventure packages can be tailored to meet your needs, and can include a simple wiener roast or a cowboy cookout barbecue at your journey’s end.

Call us today at 306 731-2943 for pricing and possibilities!

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