People are Talking about Beaver Creek Ranch!

Beaver Creek Ranch was the perfect venue to host "Rescue on the Prairies" for STARS Air Ambulance. They were great to work with and provided the most beautiful and rustic setting in the heart of the valley. They were more than accommodating when it came to any details we needed to the point of even letting us land helicopters right in the middle of their ranch! On behalf of STARS, thank you for allowing us to host our fundraiser on your incredible property and creating such a special day for our organization.

Marlys Wasylyniuk
STARS Air Ambulance


What a Great Experience, starting with:

The Location:

dropping into the Qu'Appelle Valley, I had no idea this area was so beautiful!

The Challenge:

unfortunately the wet weather stimied the Man Tracker (for safety reasons, thanks!) but like any successful operation/operator, there was a plan B, which was a team treasure hunt, and it was great fun and a super way for the group to interact! THANKS Audrey and Tom!

The Post Challenge Debrief around the Roaring Camp Fire:

AGAIN, what a venue!

Audrey filled in ALL the blanks and we all got to laugh and have fun with (and at) each other! Tom brought all the challenges together and tied it into our professions’ daily duties and challenges as Landmen and …. he nailed it! He was a super moderator/mediator/leader and really pulled the learning/educational experience together. THANKS Tom!! and …..

a Great Meal!!!! Thanks Cookies ….

J.E.  Lefebvre
Stone Mountain Resources Holdings Ltd.


Team Tracker

I just wanted to say thank you again for the exciting event you arranged for us and the hard work of you and your staff. That really added to our enjoyment.

It was great to get outdoors and channel my inner child with a game of extreme tag/hide-and-go-seek! Everyone had a great time and the dinner afterwards did not disappoint!

Rebecca Brunet
K+S Potash Canada GP

What a great experience. I heard it was lots of fun, and it sure didn’t disappoint. We had such a great time within our team and the other teams as well. The fun of being chased and always looking over your shoulder was such an adrenaline rush. We had our entire staff and management team involved and everyone seemed to have a great experience. After the chase we had a breakdown session. This was a great way to discuss all of our experiences and stories that happened within each team. We could then discuss the different ways everyone adapted to the changing environment. It was a great exercise in how everyone handles situations when they are outside of their comfort level. Several of us talked about it weeks after our adventure.

The staff was friendly, inviting and welcoming. They were more than accommodating to meet all of our needs. The food was delicious.

I recommend this experience to all my family and friends. I would do it again in a heartbeat..

Jamie Dent
Client Care Manager

As intimidating as the course in the valley may be, and as much as I may have cursed the idea while participating…the adventure, team effort and overwhelming satisfaction when coming to the finish line has made me want to attempt this adventure again. Great work by the staff for making this a top notch experience!


I was pleasantly surprised to the follow up analysis to our treasure hunt at the Beaver Creek Ranch and the way our team interactions were related to the workplace. I thought we were there to do our presentation on our AGM projects and have a bit of fun, so the analysis and pep talk were a great bonus.


I had a great time at the Beaver Creek Ranch participating in the Team Tracker exercise. As a participant, I got so caught up in the ‘adventure’ that I didn’t even realize the ‘learning’ that was taking place during this event. Afterwards, I realized how important communication and planning skills are as you need to communicate with your team-mates in order for a successful outcome to the team tracker. It was a great learning experience rolled into a lot of fun!


Unequivocally, I thoroughly enjoyed my one-day experience, at Beaver Creek. The ninety minutes of pulsating outdoor entertainment, with a holistic touch, between man and nature...man and animal, provided so much fun that I relive every moment of it, from time to time. The programme allowed me to encapsulate the essence of the physical, mental, analytical, and tactical, all at the same time, in little or no time. And to top it off, the hosts put the “H” in both “Hosts” and “Hospitality”, from the moment my group arrived, in the morning, until we left, late afternoon. Yes, without hesitation, I would recommend anyone to sign up for the Mantracker programme at Beaver Creek.



Thank you to Brenda and staff at Beaver Creek for a fantastic day. What a unique team building event!

This event had everything from working as a team to collect all the “treasures” to the heart pounding escapes from the Tracker all topped off with an amazing meal around the fire!
It was an experience our people are still talking about!

Thanks again for a great time Brenda.

Matt Gillies
Mosaic Potash Belle Plaine


How much fun was that!? We had such a terrific afternoon and evening with Brenda and Barry Clemens of Beaver Creek Ranch in Lumsden where we participated in a Team Tracker Event! I highly recommend this unique team building experience to any group that is looking for something out of the ordinary. Not that bowling isn't fun...but Team Tracker is definitely an exciting and challenging alternative :) You'll not soon forget the thrill of being chased by man and horse while scrambling through brush as you attempt to find the treasure!

Christine Haider
Culture Maven @ Look Matters


An excellent team event! Brenda and Barry were amazing hosts and gave our group an evening with a great team building race with a lot of laughs and stories to tell around the fire afterwards! Have already recommended this to several other groups at FCC!

Cheryl Archibald

Director, Credit Policy and Process Management
Farm Credit Canada

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Cowboy Cookout Clients

Thanks to you Brenda, Barry, “and the neighbours” for the wonderful time. It was very enjoyable. It was so much better than an event “in town”. We really appreciated the demonstration and the accompanying background information. The musical entertainment was great and having the younger ones handle the campfire was a nice contribution from them too. Incidentally, people loved the little dog that made the rounds and soaked up all the lovin'!

Your hospitality was genuine and very much appreciated. Food was excellent and the local flavour of the stories topped it all off.

Thank you so much.
Al MacNeil
(from Nova Scotia)
Workers' Compensation


“Our event was a truly remarkable achievement. I am thrilled with the positive feedback we have heard over and over again from the guests we hosted from across Canada. Thank you for your help in making this event such a resounding success. None of it would have been possible without the tremendous support we received from you.”

Saskatchewan Trucking Association Hosting Committee Chair

“Thank you to the staff at the Beaver Creek Ranch for making the PMAC National Conference Kick-Off a great success! The staff recommendations for all aspects, from food to entertainment, were instrumental in helping us create an authentic and unforgettable “Prairie Cowboy” experience for our attendees. Our meal at the ranch surpassed all our expectations and the roping demonstration and Aboriginal hoop dancer were definitely crowd favourites. I would recommend this unique and beautiful venue for anyone hosting an event in Regina.”

Amanda Cormier, Events Manager
Purchasing Managers Association of Canada

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Feedback from Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) Clients

Our Unit was having a strategic planning retreat and the Planning Committee wanted to do something that was non-traditional and activity-based, since these types of meetings can get quite “dry”. Since we all work in agriculture we thought it was important to take part in a team building exercise that involved agriculture in some way. Most of our staff did not know what to expect, and those that were not familiar with horses were a bit concerned. However, once Brenda and Barry got us started, everyone could see that prior knowledge about horses did not matter. The games that we played with the horses were really captivating, and the horse personalities were very intriguing for everyone! Brenda’s feedback session on how well we worked as a Team after the exercise was very useful and thought provoking for us all! We highly recommend doing something like this with your Team!

Chris Nykoluk, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada

“This experience provided a way to get to know my fellow team members. I learned about the different approaches we prefer to use in tackling tasks. I was reminded that there are multiple ways to achieve the same goal and that communicating about my approach yields quicker results. I was also reminded to use my creativity to problem solve.”

“Activities were fun and participation of the whole group was great. Overall, a positive experience.”

“It was a very good opportunity to learn about myself to get to know others. I left training with honour and feeling that I completed one of my dreams.”

“It was a lot of fun and I think each one of us took something away that we could use in our own relationships.”

“This was an excellent opportunity for our relatively new team to learn about each other. I have already seen changes in our interaction with one another.”

“Learning about the horses gave me a better appreciation of how we should think about communication between humans. I very much appreciated the facilitator’s ability to relate the learning with horse back to situations in the workplace.”

“I appreciated the informal ranch setting and the home-cooked meals. A real get-away to bond as a team.”

“It was the best team-building training I have ever taken. It was fun and a great learning experience.”

“Wow! How much fun we had on Sunday! I love my Sam! Jill and I have remarked a number of times this week, "Pressure. Release." When we know where we are going and what everyone needs to do, it's amazing how little resistance there is! Everything is meant to just fall into place!”

“I can honestly tell you that I reflect back on this experience often, it has helped me really stop and recognize different personalities and situations, what is going on around me, identify where I need assistance or where I can assist.”

“As I think about my day at Beaver Creek Ranch, I feel gratitude. Gratitude for what I have learned with you, gratitude for the friends I made in the process and gratitude for what I have learned about myself and my leadership skills. Learning IS a journey I hope never ends!”

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